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This is Madness: Michigan State's Special Guest

The media coverage of Midnight Madness was mostly centered around Connecticut, Duke, Gonzaga, Kentucky, Memphis and Kansas State (ESPNU's camera locations), but that didn't stop the Michigan State Spartans from going all Hollywood on the rest of the country. Tom Izzo-Aldrin (pictured above), with help from the lovable Sparty, introduced a special guest to the 14,759 eager fans in attendance on Friday night. Madness ensued.

Video (a shaky one, at that) after the jump...



Yeah, that's Gerard Butler the actor. I guess he's kind of a big deal. We're still undecided on whether Butler's presence warranted the numerous "oh my gods" from the people in the video, but having him there was a nice touch.

Personally, I would have preferred seeing Kalin Lucas and actor Wayne Brady, each dressed in full uniform, run onto the court at the exact same time. That's the kind of stuff that makes people's heads explode. I know I'd pay good money to watch the expressions of 15,000 confused fans trying to identify their star player. Oh well, maybe one day I'll get my wish. Get on that, Izzo.