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Xavier might be headed to the 2014 Final Four

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We're three seasons away, soooo this sort of headline is all parts outlandish right? Well, if Butler can nearly win a National Championship with one star and handful of bit players, the Musketeers certainly can make a deep run as a result of  two impressive recruiting classes currently being finalized by Chris Mack & company.

Following last weekend, which saw Mack secure commitments from North Central, Indianapolis' D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, and Lawrence North, Indianapolis' Michael Chandler, the chatter that this team is about to make the next step is palpable, convincing us that Musketeer fans should target 2014 as the year they can realistically consider the Final Four as a pre-season goal. See ya in Arlington, Jerry.

I don't follow prep ball enough to make educated statements on how good or overrated a blue-chip recruit may be. There are no guarantees. But for the sake of arguing, take a look at this potential rotation for the 2013-2014 Musketeers, based solely on their street cred as a high school player, according to

  • Point Guard: Darwin Davis (Class of 2011; #23 ranked PG)
  • Shooting Guard: D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera ('12; #5 SG)
  • Small Forward: Dezmine Wells ('11; #10 SF)
  • Power Forward: Jordan Latham ('10; #20 PF)
  • Center: Michael Chandler ('11; #8 C)

Bench: Jay Canty ('10; #20 SG), Jalen Reynolds ('11; #25 SF), Justin Martin ('10; #20 SF), Griffin McKenzie ('10; #43 PF)

Can you dig it? This coup is not bad for an Atlantic 10 school, and probably the most formidable squad, based on potential alone, Xavier fans may ever witness.

Sure, an influx in top-flight talent can mean more opportunities for an abbreviated stay on campus, but it's safe to say that their 2011 class is fully loaded, meaning this team's core will be juniors. I expect Davis, Wells and Chandler to play three seasons together on Victory Parkway.

This newly anointed Nike Elite School (finally, shiny jerseys and gear embroidered with the iconic Swoosh plasters the school's bookstore), Xavier has galloped so far beyond that whole mid-major label, they've flipped the script by making those that don't respect The X look like the foolish ones.