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The Technological Evolution of the College Hoops Fan

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Home to some of the most passionate fan bases around, college basketball has always been a reach-out-and-touch-you type of sport. In football, the players and the action are each held on a pedestal at a measurable distance. There's no interaction there. With college hoops, the fans are an integral part of the spectacle. The signs, the chants, the taunts and even this guy all make the basketball environment a surreal experience.

But as technology continues to shape our daily lives for the better, the average fan is becoming increasingly knowledgeable about this beautiful sport. For those who aren't quite able to make it to the games themselves, a bevy of options are at your disposal.

The number one choice for those stuck without a ticket is a comfortable couch/chair and a nice, big television. Throw in a pizza and some beer and you've got it made. College basketball literally dominates the lineup on the weekends. And nowadays, every channel under the sun has an HD option that you just couldn't pass up ordering from your cable provider (me neither). Honestly, the growth of HD and 3D TVs in the marketplace has made fans perfectly content with not having to wait a single second for a bathroom line in a crowded arena. And with stuff like Samsung's Apps Built for your TV available, the entire concept of home entertainment is being flipped on its head in a good way.

The internet has also given us some interesting ways to keep tabs on our favorite programs. Along with the many dedicated blog websites out there, places like offer streaming video of numerous games from around the country at no cost. This is a wonderful technological advancement for fans who are constantly traveling from city to city. With web access you can log into your favorite blog, chat with some like-minded fans and watch the game live at the same time. Very nice indeed.

Lastly, mobile devices like cell phones deserve a mention because of how quickly they have evolved into a bare necessity in our society. From young kids to grandparents, everyone has a portable battery drainer located somewhere in their pocket or purse. Many of these people rely on their mobile devices on a daily basis, and everything from live television to On Demand is now offered through a variety of packages. The applications that keep people updated with custom scores are also a nice touch. For the college basketball fan stuck at a wedding on the day of a big game, this is your ultimate solace.

So in the end, everybody wins here. Technology has brought us things that our parents never had. Fans can stay on top of their team from anywhere in the country, not missing the beat in the process. The passion and dedication are a big part of what makes this sport so great, so seeing more fan interaction through technology is a win-win.