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Assigned Reading: Demetrius Walker discusses book and his past


Everyone is raving about George Dohrmann's book, "Play Their Hearts Out." It's been called "a stinging portrait,"eight years of reporting in sharp, syrup-free prose," and " given the current college environment, its publication could not be more timely," All signs point to it becoming a book that can sit next to "The Last Shot" and "The Assist" on a bookshelf.

Now that the first wave of readers have had their chance to read through this 422-page expose, the Arizona Republic's Doug Haller posted a great Q&A on the book's main character, Demetrius Walker.

Currently sitting out this season after transferring from Arizona State to New Mexico, Walker comes off as content, happy, and totally cool with being used as a pawn in Joe Keller's game of chess as the slimy AAU coach looked to secure a better life for himself at the expense of a group of teen-aged basketball players.

If you've finished reading "Play Their Hearts Out," or have just heard about its release, definitely read Haller's interview and you'll see that Walker is just fine with his place in the basketball landscape.