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College basketball commences tonight, I can't really feel my face


Real games between relevant Division I programs commence tonight. We can barely control ourselves!

Rhody heads to Pittsburgh, UC-Irvine meets Illinois, and Navy is in Austin to bother Texas. Hey, it's something, folks, and at the very least signals the official start to the season.

Gunther from Dennis the Menace will most certainly be tuning in.

And just so we have it, our wayyy too early pre-season predictions for how it will unfold in March:

  • Sweet 16: Gonzaga, Illinois, Kansas, Memphis, Missouri, North Carolina, Purdue, San Diego State (Murray State if you want a sleeper)
  • Elite Eight: Florida, Kansas State, Villanova, Baylor
  • Final Four: Michigan State and Ohio State
  • Runner-up: Pittsburgh
  • National Champion: Duke