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10 college basketball twitter handles The Big Lead didn't tell you to follow, but you absolutely should


Today The Big Lead published, 35 College Basketball People You Must Follow on Twitter, a collection of players, national writers and bloggers in the college basketball circle that are all certainly receiving a nice uptick in their follower count this evening.

But the list is neither conclusive nor exhaustive. Here are 10 handles they missed:



  • Never one to shy away from shameless self-promotion.


  •'s college basketball and NFL editor.


  • Self-aggrandizing at its finest, the "untamed bachelor tweets about awesome things and sports (Villanova, Yankees, Jets, Phillies, etc.)."


  • Sure the handle looks cryptic, but Chris Dobbertean is SB Nation's resident bracketologist, meaning he becomes really important once February rolls around.


  • A good level of wit, Eamonn "writes about college hoops for ESPN. With alacrity." This was Jason McIntyre's biggest miss.


  • A tad Syracuse-centric, Jameson knows what's up and will someday have the sports media job you desperately want.


  • Yahoo's Dagger lead writer, Jeff cranks out blog articles daily. Aggregate his work onto your twitter feed.


  • A "Writer, blogger, web producer, videographer, gadget geek for Topics include college sports, soccer, cricket, hockey, petanque, architecture and city life." For an emphasis on college hoops also check out @.


  • Sort of the grandfather's of the college basketball blogosphere (and I mean that endearingly) Storming the Floor is quirky and has a sweet photo of an oversized Bowie State forward plastered as it's background.


  • A contributor to who is an "aspiring 19-year old college hoops writer, Boston + Milwaukee sports fanatic, unabashed liberal, Pearl Jam aficionado."