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Things we missed from the second week of December

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  • Champions Classic - There's no doubt in my mind that the NCAA suits read my work, because how else can you explain the proposed Champions Classic? Beginning next season at, where else, Madison Square Garden, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and Michigan State will participate in the first annual event that's sure to be a must-see for its entire existence. Because college basketball struggles to garner attention until the turn of the new year, this November 15th of 2011 event will surely be A-block and front page material for all the national sports outlets. The unveiling of Duke's Austin Rivers, and Kentucky's stellar 2011 class, it's tough not to start breaking these games down 48 weeks in advance. While the 2011 event will be held in NYC, the Georgia Dome and Chicago's United Center will host the 2012 and 2013 Champions Classic, respectively.
  • Kansas State - They've only lost to Duke and have an average scoring margin of +11.5, so what's with all the anti-Kansas State talk? It actually might be valid, as the Wildcats eeked out wins this week against Presbyterian and Loyola Chicago. Jacob Pullen, who assumed point guard duties this season, has increased his turnovers per game figure while his scoring average has decreased. Apparently that's not sitting well with him, as Pullen took to twitter last night as a method to air some grievances. While Pullen cleared the air that he, well, reads those message boards and stuff, it's all good because he's still got love from that Purple Bird Gang, or whatever they call it.
  • St. John's - We never acknowledged St. John's winning the Great Alaska Shootout during Thanksgiving weekend, and felt guilty overlooking Steve Lavin's early season success. But there's a chance it was nothing more than beginner's luck, as the Johnnies lost to both Fordham and St. Bonaventure this week, eliminating said guilt. The loss to the Bonnies was particularly deflating as the game was decided in the final seconds, a flirtation with the season's first LET'S ALL TOUCH EACH OTHER!
  • A precocious 11-year old - Since he stepped onto campus, no current coach has done more to turn a non-basketball school into a basketball school than Baylor's Scott Drew. And if he's still around in 2016, he might just be able to coax 11-year old Adrian Moore to Waco, a prodigy Drew is actively recruiting after seeing the brief highlight reel (above) that was all over the Internet this week. The 6'3" Moore certainly has skills but let's just hope he continues to grow, and this isn't simply a case of early puberty. Regardless, not even the Nerf hoops at the home I grew up in felt this sort of pain infliction.