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12/1 College Basketball Recap Links

  • Oh, so THAT'S what all that Kyrie Irving fuss was about (CBS Sports)

  • Billy Donovan on a 3-point loss to UCF: "We have, I think, a group of guys that are way, way too wrapped up in their offense" (The Palm Beach Post)

  • Our boy Jimmer had his worst game of the season (Salt Lake Tribune)

  • Did somebody forget to tell Penn State they were playing a game last night? (The Daily Collegian)

  • Breaking News: Local Beavers are laying eggs all over the state of Oregon. The townspeople are most definitely concerned  (Corvallis Gazette-Times)

  • Gary McGhee nearly drops a triple-double on Duquense w/ 12pts, 13rebs, and 7blks (SB Nation Pittsburgh)

  • San Diego State "exposed" Randy Bennett's Gaels (San Diego Union-Tribune)

  • Against a powerhouse like Wagner, Stevie Lavin literally flipped the script (ESPN New York)

  • Marcus Jordan! He looks just like his daddy! You know, minus the lack of talent, the goofy glasses and the middling jump shot (UCF Today)

  • How is it remotely possible for Purdue's JaJuan Johnson to play 44 minutes and only haul down FIVE rebounds? HOW? (Journal & Courier)

  • Wisconsin beat the lving hell out of a Tracy Smith-less North Carolina State team (The Badger Herald)

  • It's safe to say that Seth Greenberg probably wanted a 96-team NCAA Tournament (The Dagger)