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Some silly Louisville fan wants Rick Pitino ousted

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Despite no real stars, no inside game, and a shortened rotation due to injuries, the Louisville Cardinals are 11-2. They've exceeded expectations in my mind, as Rick Pitino has managed to modify his offensive approach and leverage a decent backcourt by imploring his kids to hit ahead and take quick shots from beyond the arc.

It's a sink-or-swim approach, I know, but it's been impressive to watch the Cardinals make due with their parts as they're currently outscoring opponents 82-62 and getting 1.14 points per possession.

But following today's loss to those stinking cheaters and recruit stealers in Lexington, a boy named D28guy at is ready to punt on Pitino and find a replacement:

SUBJECT: I've officially joined the other side...Pitino needs to go...

Its taken me a long time to get to this point.

Pitino needs to step aside and let a young'in come in here and get us back to where we belong...something that I believe Pitino is no longer capable of doing. Yeah, we have winning records, and we crack the top 25 sometimes. Lots of teams do that. But we are not those teams...we are the Louisville Cardinals.

We get into the Big Dance and win a couple of games. That would be a big deal at a lot of programs...but we can do better. We HAVE done better. 

That is not Denny Crums defination of success. Success for Coach Crum was mutiple Final 4's and National Championships.

I no longer believe Coach Pitino is capable of that. I thank Coach Pitino for getting us to a higher level than Coach Crums last few teams. I appreciate that. But we expect more than that here.

He said in his 1st press conferance after accepting the job here, something very close to this...

"Its my time now to restore the Cardinals prominance"

It was very clear what he meant by that.

Its been 10 years now, and it isnt happening. 1 Final for is not "returned to prominance" for the Louisville Cardinals  

We need to get a young up and coming coach in here who can get it done in a manner similar to how Coach Crum got it done.

Blast away if you want, I dont care.

It's as rash a thread you can post, misspellings and all. Pitino locked up a top recruiting class for next season, coaches a team that just unveiled a brand new arena to lure even more studs to campus, and has won 12 NCAA Tournament games in eight seasons as coach. It's categorically silly and outlandish to want to oust this guy.

I would imagine the majority of Cardinals fans do not want a new coach. Pitino is still one of the best in the game. Most importantly, there's no better available alternatives.