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Assigned Reading: Jimmer [Fredette] Mania!

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A cult hero among the intelligent pockets of college basketball fans, and the epitome of a local legend, BYU's Jimmer Fredette returns home on Wednesday as the Cougars "host" the Vermont Catamounts. The pride of Glens Falls, NY, Fredette had Chronicle editor Mark Frost working overtime the past few weeks to put together the above eight-page tribute and enamoration (not a real word) for New York state's 6th all-time leading scorer.

Full of nostalgic photos, news clippings and of course those cute little advertisements wishing their hometown hero luck as though he were about to report for active duty, this latest Chronicle gives great perspective to Fredette's impact on his community, and anticipation those in the area have for Wednesday's game.

Yes, this event sort of matters.