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This Frank Martin shirt would make a great V-Day gift


I love Frank Martin. I also love insensitive t-shirts that cross the line and get complete strangers passing you by to break out into a full-on LOL, but this poke at Martin being of Cuban descent is too much for me.

The Lawrence, Kansas t-shirt store Joe College, unaffiliated with the university, reportedly printed 24 of these "Lawn Mowing" t-shirts after a student pitched the idea conjured up in his twisted little mind. The shirts have wisely pulled though by the retailer after both Jayhawk and Wildcat fans were, naturally, up in arms. But as this print makes its way around in the blogposhere, you can bet it's only heightening the exposure of Joe College, and they're having a banner day in sales. So hats off to their well thought out marketing tactic, I might just pick up a Hawk Blocker tee.