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Things we missed during the second week of February

  • ESPN threw us a hard-breaking curveball to close out rivalry week...two hated rivals facing off on a Friday night. Thanks! Not only was I tied up, it was with peeps more interested in the world premiere of "We are the World" than round two of the Backyard Brawl. It's too bad because Pitt-WVU's triple-overtime game, in which the Panthers prevailed in near miraculous fashion, was probably the best game of the regular season to date. It featured six points in 10 seconds by Pittsburgh to force overtime, a called off game winner,  a 30+ point output by Da'Sean Butler (his second in the last three games) and 12 ties and 12 lead changes. And zero reported objects thrown. The win was particularly important for Pitt, who had lost four of their last seven and seemed to be leveling off. Said Panthers guard Gilbert Brown: "Without a doubt it's the greatest game I played in." Yup, and I missed nearly all of it.
  • Sean Sutton, former Oklahoma St. coach and current son of Eddie Sutton, was arrested for allegedly fraudulently obtaining prescription drugs from another woman, including Oxycontin. Can you say party? Police say Sutton, who is a known pill-popper, breached a stay-clean arrangement with the state of Oklahoma and will likely be heading back into a rehabilitation facility. Serious drug problem aside, Sutton's mugshot is absolutely phenomenal. He'll be arraigned on Tuesday.
  • Enduring what may end up being the worst season of his coaching career, Roy Williams made one of those "too soon" comments, saying his team's struggles, like the earthquake in Haiti, feels "like a catastrophe because it is my life." Gulp. Williams has since apologized but not before getting scolded by Deadspin, who called him a "clueless dick."