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Xavier coach Chris Mack is a man of the people

In his first year at the helm of the Xavier program, Chris Mack has alleviated any sort of angst percolating on XU message boards from fans unsure if he could fill the shoes of Sean Miller. He's legit, and as an alum I hope he sticks around.

He's also pretty damn cool, too, as evidenced in his first post on Mack got hyped early this morning with a direct message to students and fans (because many undergrads are away on Spring Break) two days before a Sunday's game against #23 Richmond.

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2010 1:46 am

Coach Mack is on Musketeer Madness as well, asking...

for the LOUDEST game ever in the history of the Cintas Center. You say NO students. I say NO excuse. We need our fans to be a TRUE 6th man this Sunday at 1pm. Our team needs you early. Our team needs you loud. If you're just going to come to the game to watch, give your tickets up. Heck, you can WATCH from home. I want our arena rocking!! Calling all PARTICIPANTS. This isn't a marketing ploy. This is your head coach, sitting at his home computer asking for the best fans in the country to come alive for 40 game minutes on Sunday LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

A-10 teams dis-like coming to our incredible arena. They need to FEAR it. I know the 5 guys on the floor and our bench will play very hard for you on Sunday. We need the 10,250 in blue seats to be one big, living, breathing, loud and raucous 6th man. I want EVERYTHING you have. I want a curfew of midnight for all ticket holders. You're going to need your rest. Sunday will be the most fun you've ever had at a Xavier game. On our end we are working with marketing to make sure the pre-game intros, music, etc are ON it this Sunday.

My staff asked, "How will the fans know it's really you posting on the boards?" I told em that I'll confirm it on twitter. So if you're not a follower, no big deal but that's where skeptics can go. No marketing gimmick here. Wear blue. Stand. Be loud. Get it done. I realize not all Xavier fans come to message boards. That's okay. Copy and paste this and email your X friends. I'm giving the same message to Shannon Russell at my 2:40pm press conference tomorrow. I want to win. Our players want to win. Help be the reason we win! Let's get it!!!!!

Sorry to just duplicate the post (my copy and paste skills at work) but let the point be heard. And X fans be heard. The LOUDEST game in the history of the Cintas Center needs to be played on Sunday at 1pm. Let's get it!!