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North Carolina is officially an ACC bottom-dweller

While you fought with the woman on the phone from your favorite local pizza delivery service, placed a few Super Bowl prop bets, and experimented with a crazy new nacho dip recipe, the North Carolina Tar Heels were getting routed by the Maryland the tune of a 92-71 defeat. The Heels, now 2-6 in the ACC and losers of seven of their last nine, are well off the tournament radar (Terps undergrads were chanting "NIT!" for much of the afternoon), and have a legitimate shot at finishing last - the opposite of first - in the conference. The Heels are on pace to have their worst season since they went 4-12 in the conference and finished tied for seventh back in 2002.

What can we attribute their problems to? For starters, they allow 74 points a game, let their opponents take an average of  66 shots each game (that's good for 346th out of 347 Division I teams, folks), and frankly they don't have any players that are going to keep you up at night thinking about how to defend them

With road games in Atlanta, Boston and Durham remaining on the schedule, it's not going to get any easier; just more enjoyable for all the haters who have stomached their recent run of success.