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Now that it's March, kill hours of time with NCAA Vault!

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Because we've finally entered the calendar month that provides us with some of the most fantastic theater in all of American sports, it's appropriate that we tip everyone off about NCAA Vault.

In short, this site is like entering a's freakishly easy to immerse yourself and lose track of time.

WIth "full game video, highlights, stats and history" of every, yes EVERY second and third weekend game of the tournament since 2000, you have a bevy of options to get your nostalgic juices flowing, all with a user-friendly interface that's organized by year, team, and round. In terms of addiction, crack has nothing on NCAA Vault. I just watched half of an Elite 8 game from 2002 between Oregon and Kansas. Even I can't justify it as time well spent.

So if you have a sales meeting within the hour, just pre-heated the oven for dinner, or are cramming for a test, avert your eyes immediately. This is a phenomenal site that will suck you in.