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Ticket Punching: Morgan State Bears


Repeat MEAC Champion Morgan State enters the tournament having won 19 of 21 games and looking to pull off an improbable win as a 15-seed. They played tough with Louisville and Minnesota early in the year, and they've got the conference hardware to boot. The MEAC Player of the Year, Defense Player of the Year, and Rookie of the Year are all Bears. Here's a few kernels of wisdom on Morgan State:

1. You could really put a team named 'Morgan State' anywhere in the US and it would never make any logical sense, but this school is located in Baltimore, MD
2. They are just another tournament team whose nickname has something to do with a bear (Baylor, California, Cornell, Montana, Oakland, Sam Houston State) are the others.
3. The 10th leading scorer in the nation, Reggie Holmes, is arguably Morgan State's 2nd-best pro prospect.


The Bears plowed through the conference almost untouched this year thanks to an offense that averages 77 points per contest, and rebounding ability that rivals some of the nation's top teams. But remember fans, it's still the MEAC.

  • Top Player: Reggie Holmes (21.8 PPG).
  • Need to Know Stat: PF Kevin Thompson shows up against top competition, averaging 13 PPG and 14.5 RPG v. (Louisville, Arkansas, Minnesota, Baylor).
  • Projected Performance: Who do they think they are, the 2001 Hampton Pirates? Like Dr. Stu eloquently said in "The Hangover," West Virginia says, "byeeEEE". 

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