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65 Storylines for the 2010 NCAA Tournament

Only a tournament of this magnitude could offer 65 compelling storylines we're all discussing with amongst ourselves. That might be a stretch, but to really get your palate moist, read through our 65 Storylines for the 2010 tournament. This shit matters, folks!

  1. Whose back hurts more after this tournament: Evan Turner or Scottie Reynolds?
  2. By the end of the month, will the world know about Cornell's Ryan Whitman?
  3. Is everyone just rooting against Duke?
  4. Does San Diego State dispel the belief that teams out west can't travel east and win?
  5. Can Butler's Matt Howard stay out of foul trouble?
  6. Over or under 60 possessions between Notre Dame - Old Dominion?
  7. Over or under 40 turnovers between Clemson-Missouri?
  8. Does UTEP face Murray St. for a trip to the Sweet 16?
  9. What becomes the ubiquitous advertising campaign of the tournament?
  10. Does Syracuse continue its extremely disciplined play all the way to the Final Four?
  11. Will all four #1 seeds get to Indy?
  12. How does Texas respond after a lousy second half of the season?
  13. Does Utah State , the last at-large entrant, prove it belongs?
  14. Can Dino Gaudio shake the "I Can't Coach in the Tournament Label"?
  15. Is Kansas State, a program with only one Sweet 16 appearance in 22 years, a really, like I mean really, a good team?
  16. Will "The Shizz" become the next national dance craze?
  17. Can Georgetown silence the haters who say they're thin, and continue their strong play from the Big East Tournament?
  18. Will I lose my job for giving undivided attention to the field of 65?
  19. Will Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt lose his job for failing to advance in the field of 65?
  20. Does Clark Kellogg and/or Seth Davis say anything shocking? Just once?
  21. Does DeMarcus Cousins celebrate first and second round victories as though he's just won the Powerball?
  22. Oakland, I still like their style, can they defend just a smidge and be the lowest seeded team to play in the second round?
  23. Remember Michigan State? Does Tom Izzo once again prove he's a premier coach in the month of March?
  24. Can the Pac-10 go 2-0 in the first round?
  25. Will Steve Alford call anyone an asshole?
  26. Does Gonzaga's Elias Harris do something spectacular and turn himself in to a NBA Lottery pick?
  27. Will John Calipari be named "Most Smug Prick in All of Sports" by the beginning of April?
  28. Will everyone love Jennifer Hudson's rendition of "One Shining Moment"?
  29. Can Greivis Vazquez restore a bit of glory in College Park?
  30. Will Saint Mary's Omar Samhan become the most polarizing figure in college basketball this side of Greivis Vasquez?
  31. Does Oklahoma State's James Anderson show the world he's the best two-guard in the country?
  32. Does interest wane on a tournament devoid of UCLA, North Carolina and Connecticut?
  33. Does Andy Rautins make another outlandish fashion statement with his European-themed hairdo?
  34. Will I still have a girlfriend on April 5th, 2010?
  35. Can Xavier get to their third Sweet 16 in as many seasons?
  36. Will BYU, a team that hasn't advanced past the first round in their last three tournament appearances, put it together and defeat Florida?
  37. Just what will the Texas Longhorns do? Cap off their floundering season with a first round exit, or shock Kentucky in the Second Round?
  38. Will Wisconsin's defense hold up, or will they have to play more than 55 possessions a game?
  39. Does Montana's Anthony Johnson go bonkers against New Mexico?
  40. Will Houston's Aubrey Coleman, the nation's leading scorer, go bonkers on Maryland?
  41. What's the chance BYU and Texas A&M meet for the third year in a row? Zero. That answer is zero chance.
  42. Which conference impresses most?
  43. Which conference makes the committee look silly?
  44. Louisville beat Syracuse twice. Does that mean they're actually a Sweet 16 team?
  45. Or will Jerome Randle run circles around Pitino's press?
  46. How not intimidating is Purdue sans Robbie Hummel?
  47. Could the handful of mis-seeds have a profound effect on how this tournament shakes out?
  48. Are we overselling Baylor? Or are the Bears really Elite Eight contenders?
  49. Are we underselling Saint Mary's? Or are the Gaels just the second best team in the WCC?
  50. How many YouTube Moments does Gus Johnson give us?
  51. Does anyone look forward to potential YouTube Moments from Jim Spanarkel?
  52. Have you ever even heard of Jim Spanarkel?
  53. After winning their first round game the last two seasons, is Siena going to take that next step and reach the second weekend?
  54. Will Georgetown and Ohio State meet for what's undoubtedly the best possible Sweet 16 match-up on paper?
  55. Just how important will Arinze Onuaku be to Syracuse's tournament run?
  56. Who improves their NBA Draft stock by the end of the month?
  57. Who hurts their NBA Draft stock by the end of the month?
  58. Does Ashley Judd skip class to follow Kentucky's run?
  59. Will someone out there pick the perfect bracket?
  60. How will President Obama's bracket look?
  61. Utah State has quite the underrated student section.  Will they make the trip up to Spokane?
  62. If Kentucky and Kansas meet in the final, will there be enough seats for all the scouts and NBA front office peeps to get a look the abundance of talent?
  63. Will Kansas win their second title in three years?
  64. If Kentucky wins, will the Commonwealth's birth rate dramatically jump nine months from now?
  65. Is this the last time we fill out a bracket of 65?