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Assigned Reading: Autistic teen picks first two NCAA rounds perfectly

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Despite a crazy first two rounds, there's actually a perfect bracket out there... one that foresaw Ohio's upset of Georgetown, Kansas' shocking defeat in the second round, and even had the guts to put Cornell in the Sweet 16. That bracket comes from 17-year-old Alex Hermann, a Chicago-area native who suffers form autism, but is clearly more in tune with college basketball then people like me.

While young Hermann might have a future in bracketology, he's also got a great PR sense to him. After realizing he had a perfect bracket through 48 tournament games, he told his mother to get on the phone and alert the media, because, we just might have a story here.

It's probably a stretch to everyone, but Alex has Purdue (his brothers alma-mater) cutting down the nets in Indy. Perhaps we're all just overvaluing their injured star Robbie Hummel.

According to, it cannot be confirmed if Alex's bracket was indeed submitted before last Thursday at noon, and CBS Sports did not return their calls. But I refuse to be a skeptic here. Hats off to Alex. Dude knows what's up.