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West Virginia can "Do the Shizz," too

While you were out on Saturday night, West Virginia busted those last few brackets that had Kentucky cutting down the nets in Indy.  The Mountaineers limited turnovers and let UK jack errant three after errant three. The whole thing was quite impressive, and probably even more rewarding in that in came in a Big East on-campus venue, the Carrier Dome.

Now I've ticked off a lot of Mountaineer fans this season, but I am nothing but praising these players for their post-game celebration that centered around poking fun at John Wall and his legion of fans. I'm talking specifically about those of you who "Did the Shizz" before every Bluegrass State basketball game, and felt compelled to upload your moves onto YouTube this winter. You look silly, and Da'Sean Butler and Wellington Smith think so too, as evidenced in the above video.

Much like the 2006 New York Giants "Ballin" gimmick, any dance or fad created by a top team is subject to mockery once they go down. It hurts. I can attest.