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Maryland downs Duke, and college basketball feels great again

Remember about 10 years ago when both Maryland and Duke were absolute hotbeds of talent? That time when the Blue Devils boasted the best player in the country (Jay WIlliams), but that best player distinction couldn't earn him even the best player title in his own conference? Those were the good old days. Like when the aforementioned Williams lit a fire under his own ass and created the "Miracle Minute. Then just eight weeks later, the teams met in the Final Four and Duke turned even more comeback tricks against Gary WIlliams' kids. Fun times, which gave way to the JJ Redick era. He was hated, and Terps fans got blasted by the media for taking their hatred too far. Even better times.

Last night's Duke-Maryland game ranked up there in terms of theater. Two elite teams, with a handful of polarizing figures. I can't love to loathe Greivis Vasquez anymore than people who hurl verbal haymakers at Jon Scheyer. Both can be despicable character's but both are talented players who make us tune in and give a crap. Now, we hope these two squads meet up again in the ACC tournament for a rubber match. 

Get excited. The best rivalry in college basketball, according to the great Michael Wilbon, has just been reignited. Now go make some warm .GIF soup with that Jordan Williams facial.