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The Starting 9



In tribute to the beginning of another spring training, we bring you the starting line-up of whacky stats from the 2009-2010 NCAA Basketball regular season.

  1. The award for most turnovers in a game this year goes to: E’Jay Ward from Tennessee Wesleyan for coughing up the ball 15 times in one contest in late November. Take care of the ball son!
  2. Elon managed to go 2-14 from the line in a November match-up with UNCW. Their 14.2% from the free throw stripe was the worst in any game when the team had more than 10 FTA.
  3. Texas State looks like they’re going to keep the streak going. Five straight years leading the nation in Fouls Per Game. This year they’re hacking at a moderate 25FPG pace, compared to the 27FPG they were whistled for last year.
  4. Powerhouses Monmouth, Illinois-Chicago, and Winston-Salem State all tied for the fewest field goals in a game this year with 10.  (I don’t mean to slight North Carolina Central, who dropped 30 in a game this year setting a season low for D-1).
  5. UNLV took 165 shots in their 88-75 win in regulation over Nevada, marking the most field goal attempts by a team in the history of the internet. (It was 60 more shots taken than Connecticut took in their 6OT loss to Syracuse last year).
  6. Referee Doug Shows has called a D-1 country high 37 technicals while roaming the hardwood in the Sunbelt and SEC.
  7. Wondering who the Rasheed Wallace of NCAA basketball is? Praire View A&M’s Darnell Hugee leads the nation with 6 technical fouls. (seton hall sharpshooter Jeremy Hazell is 2nd with 4 on the year).
  8. Kansas hasn’t fallen below #3 in the AP poll all season. If they remain in the top 3 for the rest of the year, they’ll be just the second team since Duke's 1997-98 squad to stay in the top three all season long.
  9. Chalk it up to experience: Seniors lead the nation in 3PT field goal percentage at 35.2%, followed by juniors at 34.5%, sophomores 33.9%, and freshman 32.4%. The last time a younger class shot the long ball better than their senior elders was 2004-2005.