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Things we missed during the first week of March


Just typing the phrase "first week of March" makes my private parts tingle. Moving on...
  • Remember back in December when North Carolina was playing Presbyterian and a sensitive Roy Williams had the nerve to kick a college kid out of the Dean Dome for making a simple "MISS IT!" heckle while Deon Thompson stood at the free-throw line? Well that kid, Brian King, was courtside for last night's Duke-Carolina game, courtesy of the Cameron Crazies. King told the Raleigh News & Observer he grew up a Blue Devils fan and was thrilled to be seated in the student section after years of taking in games with his family growing up. Given its back story, all those great paperbacks that chronicle this rivalry may need to be updated with a new chapter.
  • It's been a fairly overlooked story throughout the season, but there was some finality to the Renardo Sidney saga this week, and it may prevent the prized Mississippi St. recruit from ever playing a single college basketball game. Sidney has officially been suspended for the rest of the season (he had been sitting out awaiting a decision from the NCAA) and also will have to miss the first 30 percent of the Bulldogs games in 2010-2011. Furthermore, The Los Angeles-area high school star was also fined nearly $12 thousand for "benefits received from preferential treatment." That basically means we all know your parents were using funds raised from a non-profit organization that had ties to a summer league team coached by Renardo's father. Mississippi St. plans to appeal, but Sidney is likely preparing to declare for this year's NBA Draft.
  • After missing Monday's game against West Virginia, and just feeling flat-out sick for a few days, Georgetown's Austin Freeman was diagnosed with diabetes. SB Nation's Casual Hoya was my source for the news, and the guys pointed out five other notable athletes whose bodies can't produce enough insulin but seem to get by just fine: "A bunch of athletes have been able to compete at a high level with the disease, including Jay Cutler, David Wells, Arthur Ashe, Jackie Robinson, and Adam Morrison.  Pretty eclectic five I picked there.  One's a douche, one's a drunk, one's mustachioed, and two are racial relations pioneers."  The Hoyas desperately need Freeman, their leading scorer, if they plan on making any sort of tournament run.