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Brad Stevens is young, fly and maybe even a bit funny looking

Over the course of the season, I admit I developed a bit of a man crush on Brad Stevens. He was as skilled as any other coach in the country, and wore tailored suits that made him look about 6'5" and in charge. Even better, he exuded Mark Sanchez-like poise.  Oh the intrigue of this guy!

But as the Bulldogs made their deep run through the tournament, I realized Brad Stevens was just a good ole' boy from the Mid-West, with an aw-shucks inflection to boot. He also is just barely over 6'0".

On Tuesday, the 33-year old Stevens was on The Late Show with David Letterman, and was as polite as could be. When Letterman offered a year of his salary to Stevens if he could successfully overthrow Ball State's Billy Taylor and save the funny man's alma-mater, Stevens of course gave us the correct response (click below), and this hilarious screenshot.



As Stevens continues to rise on the Universal Likability Scale, which I just made up, check out this excellent photo album of Stevens during his time at Depauw. The former Division III basketball player will be heading back to Greensburg on April 13th to lecture students in the school's Management Fellows program. Basically, Stevens is going to tell them how to be awesome at whatever career they're pursuing.

I'm just glad he spurned multiple BCS-school opportunities to continue and grow the brand of Butler. Dissing the Phil Knights and desperate ACC schools of the world is refreshing to see.