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Assigned Reading: Athletes play by own rules in dating game

Were you aware that college athletes get lot? Well if you were completely naive, former Florida guard (former in that he has recently transferred out of Gainesville) Ray Shipman offered some candid information to the Independent Florida Alligator today, suggesting that DI athletes have a harder time not fooling around with random co-eds, and never find themselves in a position where they have to forcefully whip out their cocks or unsuccessfully lure ladies into a public bathroom.

Somewhere, Ben Roethlisberger is eagerly seeking to meet these types of women.

Shipman having to come out and share his experiences publicly, like he's making some sort of earth shattering announcement, is what makes me chuckle. Was he thinking only Gator QBs can have their pick of tan-skinned undergrads? We know that hasn't been happening. Maybe he thought that his pedestrian 2.7-points per game was inadequate or something.

"There are girls that go out there for athletes. They do that intentionally," he said. "Maybe it’s the crowd or the games."

This is by no means a newsie story, but worth a read if you got two minutes to kill. Clearly, it's a slow news day in Central Florida.