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Assigned Reading: How to Grow An Orange


It's the first Assigned Reading that's gonna cost you a bit of ched, but if you're a fan of the Syracuse Orange (or any big-time DI athletic program), have a son on the way (because men aren't required to mold their daughters into sports fans), or just appreciate a savvy blogger turned writer (yes, they exist) then Sean Keeley's "How to Grow An Orange" is a must buy.

Mr. Keeley, as you better frieken know, is the man behind SB Nation's Troy Nunes Is An Absloute Magician. He's also a great guy, one with the courage to single-handedly roasting the veracity of all those must-read paperbacks on fatherhood written by child development authors and psychologists that don't have a lick of wit to them. Sean's far more entertaining, and he's only charging $9.99 to help you become a better father.

Per Sean:

Georgetown & UConn fans probably won't appreciate much of it.  It's also a little salty so probably not the best gift for a five-year-old.  And I'd advise against Greg Robinson purchasing a copy.  Otherwise, every other person on the planet will enjoy it.

This sounds like an excellent way to spend ten bucks; go so check it out. It must be good, because even Google is sending me digital smoke signals that this should be added to my summer reading list