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Duke does the obligatory White House visit

Before he gave his first press conference in 10 months - responding to the growing oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico - President Obama spent part of his morning honoring college basketball's best. The Duke Blue Devils were in the nation's capital today to do what every major American sporting champion does: present the Prez with a jersey, pose for a photo, and all around just have a good time among the sounds of forced laughter and golf claps. Even "Body Man" and former Blue Devil forward Reggie Love got to hang out with his old coaches.

While I don't think it was mentioned in the Rose Garden, Obama was probably quite surprised to see Duke hoist the title last month. Remember he made a special guest appearance on CBS during the Duke-Georgetown game in January, where the Hoyas stomped over the Blue Devils and subsequently had all fans and media members going absolutely ballistic over Coach K's kids lack of athleticism and overall look of an elite team. Silly us.

As expected, Obama traded friendly jabs with Coach Mike Krzyzewski regarding the Commander in Chief's correct 2009 National Champion prediction (those hated Tar Heels) and added he expected the Blue Devils to contend for the crown next season, ensuring those in attendance he will give Duke a good hard look when filling out his bracket next March.