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UConn allegedly commits eight violations, dismisses two assistant coaches [yawn]

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Responding to the release of a notice of allegations outlining eight violations against UConn's athletic department, the school held a press conference today to formally announce that assistant coaches Beau Archibald and Pat Sellers had resigned from their positions. That's essentially a euphemism for "you're effin fired" in today's world, as both Archibald and Sellers are accused of placing 133 "impermissible" phone calls and text messages between June 2005 and February 2009, according to the NCAA.

UConn also announced that they are going to cooperate with the NCAA to ensure that nobody gets hurt in this extremely tense hostage situation, which was initially sparked last March by Yahoo! Sports when they reported the Huskies had "impermissible contact" (love that word!) with former recruit Nate Miles.

Really, none of this really interests me at this time. The real focus should be on August 20th, the deadline for UConn to provide a response to the notice of allegations, when penalties against the basketball program could be revealed.

Jim Calhoun, who signed a contract extension just three weeks ago, could be suspended without pay or have his contract terminated as a result of this investigation. I'm sure he wishes he could just punt, head to Martha's Vineyard and be done with all of this nonsense.