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The case against Tom Izzo heading to Cleveland

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In terms of making the leap from the NCAA to NBA, it's not the name we have been speculating over for the past few months, but intriguing nonetheless. Following the departure of Mike Brown and former GM Danny Ferry, the Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly going after Michigan State's Tom Izzo, although frankly I'm not sure Dan Gilbert is fishing in the right pond. 

A true homer who has spend his entire life in the "Great Lake State" (because "The Wolverine State" doesn't really work in this context), Izzo has built the Spartan basketball program into a true perennial powerhouse that's respected by all. It's almost become a running joke that as long as an Izzo-coached team is in the field of 65, they're a favorite to reach the Final Four. He's a great Xs and Os guy, who - as is rare in basketball - supplements his preparation and in-game coaching tactics with character and emotion that players can warm up to.

While Izzo would have to entertain an opportunity coach the planet's greatest player (because LeBron will resign with Cleveland whether or not Izzo is hired as coach), an HBO Real Sports interview that aired back in March gives a pretty good indication the Spartan's coach is content and not interested in a change of scenery. Sure coaches and players go against their word all the time in situations such as this, but I'm seeing a person who would rather don disco attire and ride around as an F1 racer, than become part of a real-life soap opera in the hopes of attaining NBA glory.