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It's time to track down Billy Edelin


I've been blogging atomically for 18 months now. After starting it up with a friend on Wordpress for nothing more than shits and giggles, we have been able to build a decent following of readers, hook up with the awesome and ever-growing SB Nation, and interact with like-minded bloggers and writers.

But none of this has yielded even a peep from the man we built this enterprise on...The Billy Edelin.

Billy, as far as I know, works for Onondaga County, and tears up Utica's King of Kings league in the summer. But he's never even sent so much as a smoke signal to indicate he's aware of Perhaps I am not big-time-dynamite enough, but for some summer fun it's time Billy be tracked down, and maybe even give us a few minutes of his time.

On Thursday I emailed the guys at the King of Kings (see blurry email above), but no far have heard nothing from I need your help. Troy Nunes, shuffle through your Rolodex; Jim Weber from, start working your network of forgotten college basketball players; anyone else with connections, please start pounding the pavement. All I want is an acknowledgment from Billy and an opportunity to inquire about a Q&A with him.

I have no intention to poke fun or probe into his personal life, or write an investigative piece on what really led to his dismissal from the Syracuse basketball team. I just want to find out what he's up to now, and what his future plans are.