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Da'Sean Butler's twitter story now has a viral adaptation

Reason #4,782 why the Internet is awesome: "A Short Story" By Da'Sean Butler
Reason #4,783 why the Internet is awesome: The animation and narration of "A Short Story" By Da'Sean Butler

You've probably heard about the former West Virginia star's unprovoked and desultory of a story published on twitter a few weeks ago. The premise: Young Da'Sean runs into a Barney like figure and befriends it, only to have the purple dinosaur take a massive dump (or poo-poo) in Young Da'Sean's kitchen...grinding the gears of Young Da'Sean's father.

Created to capitalize on the follies of our favorite athletes, Tauntr, which dubs itself as "home to the most brutal, most hilarious sports content on the web," gives us the above viral adaption of Butler's story.

It's exactly how I imagined it, although Young Da'Sean looks a bit like Michael Beasley.