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1/9 College Basketball Recap Links

  • Beilein's Wolverines put up an admirable fight against undefeated Kansas (Detroit Free Press)

  • Another slap in the face for UCLA hoops at the hands of their No. 1 rival (The Dagger)

  • Not even Greivis Vasquez's courtside presence could slow down the defending champs (SB Nation DC)

  • Tubby Smith on his team's game-tying three attempt: "It was a foul." (Columbus Dispatch)

  • It's official, Minnesota scorer Devoe Joseph is transferring to Oregon (CBS Sports)

  • With a hockey-style substitution method guiding their path, 'Nova gave Cincinnati their first loss of the year (Philadelphia Daily News)

  • At least Northwestern hasn't completely crumbled into dust. And whatever happened to Indiana being a contender this year? Whoops. (Fort Wayne Journal Gazette)

  • Roscoe Smith's decision-making might just make you spit out your coffee (Rush the Court)