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Coach K doesn't appear to be worried about his team's loss to Florida State

He lauded Chris Singleton's work ethic when he trained with the US National Team this summer, didn't for a second criticize his own players, and even poked his nose into the social life of a media member using his smartphone as an audio device (it's Jake's Tavern "A Local Gem," btw). I'd say Coach K was pretty laid back following Duke's first loss of the season, probably because he knows it's a blip on the radar. Tip your hat to a Seminole team that can defend and move on. The Dukies that will blow teams out with the three, and occasianly lose when they get carried away and shoot 35 deep balls.

By Krzyzewski's demeanor last night while on the podium at the Tucker Center, it's clear he knows he still coaches the best team in the country.