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Which Indiana State buzzer beater would most compel you to touch complete strangers out of pure elation?

One was a composed, off-the-dribble shake that resulted in a smooth lay-in as time expired, while the other was an ugly airball that was luckily caught and tossed in an act of desperation. Regardless of how it got done, the Indiana State propensity for ending games with little to no time left is can't miss YouTube.

Sunday it was Carl Richard's rebound and toss against Creighton, last night it was Jake Kelly isolated at the top of the key to down Missouri State. Suddenly, the Sycamores are tops in the MVC, far from where we expected them to be this pre-season.

Flukey dramatics usually win out in situations like this (you know, all those situations where a Missouri Valley Conference team converts two game winning buzzer beaters in four days), meaning Richard's put back probably has more "Likes" and "retweets" around the interwebs. But just to confirm, who ya got...