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1/25 College Basketball Recap Links

  • Jeremy Hazell and Seton Hall absolutely whipped Syracuse's zone for 40 minutes (The Star-Ledger)

  • A how-to for defending Jimmer Fredette. Is this even possible? (Sports Illustrated)

  • Two extra periods were needed to decide the outcome of Florida-Georgia (Miami Herald)

  • Kemba shot poorly (5 for 16), but dished out nine assists for the second time this season. Keep an eye on this Jeremy Lamb kid. (NBC Sports)

  • We saw one of the best games of Josh Selby's young career last night in a hard-fought win over Colorado (Kansas City Star)

  • Somebody forgot to inform Virginia Tech they needed to show up in the second half (Washington Post)

  • Dickie Simpkins can throw it down with the best of 'em (Ballin' is a Habit)

  • Middle-of-the-road ACC squads beating up on each other? Yup, we're in the heart of conference play. (Charleston Post Courier)