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In the dead of night, Devoe Joseph leaves Minnesota

Well not exactly; the Minnesota guard didn't throw all his belongings into a napsack and try to thumb his way back home to Ottawa, Canada. But the news of  Devoe Joseph bouncing from the Golden Gophers basketball team came in quite a peculiar way. After learning yesterday that Joseph would not suit up for tonight's game against Indiana, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's Myron P. Medcalf  put his ear to the street and heard rumors that it was because Joseph told many inside the program he intended to transfer.

Then to confirm what Metcalf was being led to believe, he received an email from the nocturnal Connie Joseph, Devoe's mother, at 3:49 a.m. EST this morning, erasing any doubt that the Golden Gophers would be down a shooting guard for the rest of the season.

"I don’t expect anything to change,"  she said in an e-mail to Medcalf.

"No, there’s [no turning back]. I'm going with him [Tuesday] morning to pick up his release papers. He wishes the team well. It’s a tough thing."

While Joseph was only the team's fourth leading scorer, he may have been Tubby Smith's most explosive player, despite averaging only 21 MPG. Joseph, you remember. missed the Gophers' first six games due to a team suspension, so maybe he was just getting into form here 13 games into the season. But with an 0-2 start to conference play, now would be the time to play at full strength and have a consistent rotation of players ready to endure the rigors of Big 10 play. Coupled with Al Nolen's lingering injury, and a Big 10 that isn't getting any less competitive you have to be concerned for Tubby Smith as question marks abound, especially in the backcourt.

Additionally, I'd like an answer as to just what time Medcalf woke up this morning to get to work on breaking today's college basketball news.