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1/4 College Basketball Recap Links

  • Lamar University's Mike James went for 50 last night. Off the bench. (The Dagger)

  • So let's get this straight: You subtract Luke Harangody and Notre Dame is miraculously a contender again? (South Bend Tribune)

  • Ohio State, down six at the half, had their hands full with Iowa (Columbus Dispatch)

  • Since getting worked by USC, the Longhorns are absolutely smashing people. Last six games = 20.83 avg/win margin (Houston Chronicle)

  • This is the material POY contenders are cut from: Lace Dunn dropped 43 points and nailed 10 of 18 three pointers. (Dallas Morning News)

  • Providence and lights-out scorer Marshon Brooks nearly pulled a Pittsburgh upset. Marvelously competitive basketball game nonetheless. (Fox Sports)

  • Ken Pomeroy badly wants to kill field goal percentage (Basketball Prospectus)

  • William Mosley of Northwestern State scored 10 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and swatted 11 shots yesterday. We call that a triple-double. (ESPN)