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Things we missed from the first week of January

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Some do a Morning Five, others a Morning Dump, or Breakfast Buffet. You know who they are.

Us? We just play catch-up.

From the UNC bench mob pranking John Henson to the firing of one of the more under-appreciated ESPN play-by-play guys, here is what made the rounds this week on the college basketball interwebs.


  • North Carolina John Henson gets pranked - These North Carolina walk-ons are hilarious! "Blue Steel," the Tar Heels sextet of bench players, plastered sophomore John Henson's car with....wait for it...2400 post it notes. Zing! A few days later, Henson acknowledged the prank on twitter, saying that revenge will be sweet. Oh the suspense, I'm sure it will be harsh.  If you can tell by my tone, this is one of the more obligatory mentions ever on SFBE.
  • Kyrie Irving's Toe Update - Duke has done an incredible job on being mum when it comes to talk on Kyrie Irving's toe. The Blue Devils can still win a National Championship without their freshman stud, but they're nearly unstoppable with him in the lineup. As Irving sits, and a nation waits, the Fayetteville Observer had a nice scoop on Irving's progress. We learned a lot, but also nothing at all. As assistant coach Chris Collins explains to Dan Wiederer, Irving's injury is a form of turf toe; one that is more severe and apparently can't be explained in layman's terms. I can't promise anything, but read the article and you may get a bit more clarity on the situation.
  • Cleveland State - Butler - En route to a 15-1 start,  Cleveland State got some thinking they would challenge Butler for the Horizon League title. They still will, but mentally they have to be a bit down on themselves following a 76-59 drubbing at Hinkle on Friday night. Order restored. The Bulldogs got off to a rough start this season, reacquainting themselves to life as a mid-major, one without Gordon Hayward. But they're 8-1 since losing to Xavier last month, and reminded us all that they still possess the right pedigree to have a successful season.
  • Ron Franklin - We've always been a Ron Franklin fan. He's got a nice sultry voice; a good ole' boy from Mississippi. But his words got the best of him this week while prepping for the Chick Fil-A Bowl, as he attempted to put sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards in her place when she attempted to step in and offer her two cents on a problem that apparently was to be "left to the boys, sweetcakes." Franklin's contract was terminated a few days later when he refused to personally apoligize to Edwards. Best known in college basketball circles as the play-by-play guy for Big Monday's 9pm Big 12 match-up, Franklin had been employed by the Worldwide Leader since 1987. He's already said he received hundreds of letters and emails of support since getting the axe.