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This Is Madness: Tom Izzo Goes Top Gun

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Tom Izzo is a showman. Beloved by Spartan Nation for giving back to the fans at every turn, Izzo's endless stable of unique costumes helps make Midnight Madness in East Lansing the No. 1 place to be on the unofficial opening night of college hoops.

On Friday, with thousands eagerly anticipating a look at his newest getup, Izzo actually hopped out of a mini plane wearing a Top Gun pilot uniform. How many other big name coaches can you imagine doing something like that? Think Jamie Dixon is going to dirty up his $8,000 suit getting into a rusty old plane? Forget about it.

With so many other major programs scheduling their Midnight Madness segments for earlier in the evening, it's refreshing that Michigan State actually sticks to the traditional set-up and culminates at, you know, midnight. It's not like these college kids have to go to class tomorrow or anything.

The Spartans have a lot to prove in 2011-12, but are filled with talent and have one of the best leaders in the sport. Izzo's command over his fanbase is a sight to behold, and at this point it's hard to imagine a Midnight Madness without him and his crazy antics.