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This Is Madness: Jamal Fenton's Freaky Athleticism

We saw dozens of applause-worthy dunks this year on Midnight Madness. And because of this, ridiculous stuff like Jamal Fenton's backflip bounce pass to himself sort of flew under the radar more than it should have. Watch in awe as Fenton, a 5'9" junior guard on New Mexico, brings the house at Lobo Howl 2011 to its feet.


The most impressive part of this dunk might actually be the pass, which was so unbelievably perfect that it prohibited Fenton from doing anything else in the air (if that's even possible). It's easy to watch this and overlook the fact this kid is basically the same height as NBA guard (and currently unemployed) Nate Robinson, a guy who he's clearly on the same level as athletically.

With last year's point guard Dairese Gary no longer on the roster, the role of floor general in 2011-12 is Fenton's job to lose. And if his passing skills are even remotely close to his ability to entertain fans above the rim, then the Lobos will be in good hands.