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Denver's Occupy Wall Street rally is more about Kansas Jayhawks Basketball

I'm starting to notice that the more popular and widespread this Occupy Wall Street epidemic becomes, the more diluted the actual message and purpose.

Soon, as a friend of mine pointed out, this whole thing will ultimately end up dissolving into nothing more than Occupy My Parents Basement, but for now, participants are using this soapbox to yell about everything...even college basketball.

Take this guy out in Denver. He might have a job, a family, a 401k. But he also might not, and he may just be born and raised in the heartland, not even a KU graduate.

These sorts of splinter "protests" are taking place among the occupiers, and it's quite funny.

Notice in the video there is a man yelling "anti-capitalism" into a megaphone, while the Jayhawk fan totally upstages him.

Now you've gotten the 1 per-centers attention!