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The Morning After Recap: Thursday, November 10

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It's that time of year again, ladies and gentlemen. Every morning here at SFBE we'll be wrapping up the previous evening's festivities in a neat, concise format as we sip our rich Colombian coffee and watch the sun come up. So if your memory is a little fuzzy from guzzling that phantom drink at the end of the bar and you need a quick hit of everything college hoops-related from the previous day, then you've definitely come to the right place.

But seriously, for as wonderful as it is to have college hoops back in our lives, we just can't get over how underwhelming the first few nights of action are. Heck, there isn't even a single game on tonight. Do we really need 100's of schools playing on a Friday, the only day the college basketball schedule traditionally ignores during the year? At least give us a 24-hour marathon of hoops to signify the start of the season or something. A handful of games followed by a night off is ridiculous. Hopefully when Jay Bilas is running the show we'll get to kick things off with a bang.

The local guys

The blogosphere

  • A rational Norlander puts the breaks on the 'Occupy Rick Stansbury's Office' movement (Eye on College Basketball)

  • Five-star scorer Gary Harris inks with Sparty, giving Izzo a stacked 2012 class (The Only Colors)

Who won it best

Akron - MAC schools don't go into SEC territory and win games very often, and Keith Dambrot's crew deserves unlimited kudos for an impressive performance. All kudos will be instantly revoked if we find out LeBron James had anything to do with this, however.

Who lost it worst

Lehigh - Definitely a tough loss to swallow for the Mountain Hawks after leading St. John's by double digits at the break. This could be the type of NCAA-seed altering defeat these guys will look back on with frustration in a few months.


God'sgift Achiuwa, St. John's - The best name on the planet, Achiuwa was flawless on Wednesday, finishing 6 of 6 from the field and 9 of 9 from the charity stripe. His 21 points and eight rebounds were both team-highs as the Johnnies fought back to stay unblemished. Achiuwa's distant cousin, God'shonesttruth, was also in attendance.

By the numbers

30.77% - The difference between Lehigh's first and second half three point percentages as a team. The Mountain Hawks clanked 11 of their 13 attempts over the final 20 minutes.

It was tweeted


This really happened


  (H/T - Mocksession/@bubbaprog)