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The Morning After Recap: Sunday, November 13

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As you might have heard, Mike Krzyzewski made history on Saturday by tying Bobby Knight for the all-time wins record. It's nothing more than a formality now, as his Dukies will face a war-ravaged Michigan State squad at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday for a chance at sole possession of the record.

But lost in all the hoopla is how ridiculous it is to think about when exactly Coach K will ever decide that enough is enough. I mean, are we looking at 1,000 wins down the line? Maybe 1,100? Knight was clearly at the end of his rope when he called it quits, but Krzyzewski is still just 64 years young and churning out contenders as consistently as anyone in the business. You could make a strong case that he's at the height of his power right now, and sticking around for another half-decade might net him one, maybe two more titles. Coach K's Hall of Fame seat will remain warm in preparation for the day he does finally opt to throw in the towel, but in the meantime get ready to watch him annihilate every coaching record imaginable.

The local guys

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Who won it best

Wisconsin - Led 41-8 over Kennesaw State (I know, but still) at the half, and that was all it took. Hit 15 of 25 attempts from long range over the course of the game, and above all, won the rebounding margin by +23 and the assist margin by +21.

Who lost it worst

Butler - The basketball gods giveth, and they taketh away. After all, it is not yet March, so Brad Stevens' magic isn't on the same level we're used to getting. Losing to Evansville stings. Bad.


Nate Wolters, South Dakota State - Scored 32 points and dished out 11 assists in a surprise win over Western Michigan. Best of all? Zero turnovers. Not a bad way to kick off the season for the 6'4" junior.

By the numbers

3.4 - Percentage of Dayton's 87 points (in a win over W. Illinois) that were scored from the free throw line. All of which came in the first 22 minutes of the game.

It was tweeted



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