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"The Rivalry" Kentucky, Louisville documentary is can't miss stuff.

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Web-only based programming is so in right now, and a newly launched documentary on the heated Kentucky - Louisville rivalry is capitalizing on this fad.

Produced by WHAS, a local TV affiliate in Louisville, "The Rivalry" is great stuff, and will hype up the uber-anticipated December 31st match-up between the Wildcats and Cardinals.

There are a number of feuds in sports that classify as "great rivalries," all with a case to be made that they are, indeed, the most special. But regardless if you are from Frankfort, KY or Fargo, ND, you can't not appreciate this. It transcends state lines, and should be watched by all.

Be sure to follow the YouTube link and revisit to watch the latest episodes.

Rick Pitino and John Calipari - compelling and rich.