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Watch as Bernie Fine's wife all but admits to her husband's sexual deviance

The next shoe has dropped in the story of (now likely former) Syracuse assistant coach Bernie Fine. This morning on ESPN's Outside the Lines, multiple recorded phone calls and conversations captured on hidden camera between Bobby Davis and Fine's wife, Laurie, lends some serious credibility to Davis' initial public claims made more than a week ago about Fine's alleged sexual molestation acts. She also reveals her marriage is a complete sham.

This, in addition to more accusations published in today's Syracuse Post-Standard, means it will likely be a hectic week in upstate New York, as Jim Boeheim and his staff will have to drum up another round of damage control. Whether or not Boeheim had any knowledge of Fine's sexual deviance (assuming Fine did commit these alleged acts) remains to be seen, but it's that angle that will likely become the center of this story. It could severely tarnish Boeheim's image, and possibly cost him his job.