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Searching for Billy Edelin's 2011-2012 College Basketball Preview Content

While we didn't overindulge and overkill you with preview content, below are links to everything we put together to preview the 2011-2012 college basketball season. Click around, and do yourself a favor by checking out our pretty looking early season tournament and challenge schedule. It would look really great on your fridge.

Shot in the Dark Picks


  • Sweet 16: Creighton, Vanderbilt, Louisville, Kansas, Michigan State, Baylor, Xavier, New Mexico
  • Elite Eight- Duke, Syracuse, UConn, Florida
  • Final Four- Kentucky, UNC, Ohio State, Memphis
  • Champ- Kentucky over Ohio State


  • Sweet 16: Kansas, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Washington, UConn, Butler, Xavier, Cal
  • Elite Eight- Ohio State, Baylor, Memphis, Florida
  • Final Four- Duke, Kentucky, UNC, PITT
  • Champ- North Carolina over Kentucky


Top Fives

Conference Previews