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Chane Behanan is bringing regrettable guarantee statements back

After numerous attempts that resulted in a pretty pathetic winning percentage (see Hasselbeck, Matt; Ewing, Patrick; Kitna, John), it seemed as though making a far-fetched guarantee with incredible gusto had disappeared in today's sports world.

It's been awhile since these three knuckle heads graced a gaggle of media throngs with an empty promise simply to get some cheap attention, but apparently that silly ploy has found its way back, this time to the locker room of the Louisville Cardinals basketball program.

Fresh off a win Saturday over the underachieving Memphis Tigers, Cardinals star freshman Chane Behanan felt that now - less than two weeks away from a showdown between in-state rival Kentucky - was the best time to declare Louisville as not only the best team in the country, but also on their way to a perfect season.

"We're the number one team in the country in my eyes," Behanan told reporters. "We're going undefeated. Point blank, period."

Meanwhile, back in the lab, John Calipari is calling on an athletic department admin assistant to transcribe Behanan's comments and litter them in and around the Wildcats locker room to start stirring the pot.

If you watch the video you sort of feel as though Behanan had no choice but to drop a line about going undefeated. I'll give him a pass there.

His real slip up, however, was incorrectly using the transitive property of equality: "If we beat Vanderbilt (unranked; 6-4 overall; 1-4 vs the current RPI top 50), and Memphis (also unranked, 5-4 overall, with an uncanny ability to take the worst possible shot on multiple possessions), then I'd say we're the number one team in the country," Behanan declared.

I'm no math guy, but beating two unranked teams going in the wrong direction at home shouldn't yield any first place votes from poll voters.

Not only is this a perfect example of why coaches protect their young players from the media until the NCAA Tournament, it also is a nice dousing of kerosene for this upcoming Battle of the Bluegrass.

Oh, Chane, look what you've started.