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Washington State's Faisal Aden is a really big ball hog

With Klay Thompson off playing in the NBA, you're not following Washington State basketball. You're just not. The Cougars are a pedestrian 8-4, with losses to Gonzaga and Oklahoma, and wins over nobody of great importance. The prospects of Ken Bone's club is fairly insignificant; irrelevant if you aren't bothering with the Pac 12.

What should catch your attention is the offensive inefficiency of one Faisal Aden. He, my college basketball friend, is a ball hog, and it's reaching a level that reminds me of the rattly looking kid at the rec center who is overconfident with his game but continues to keep launching the ball with no regard.

From SB Nation's Coug Center:

Aden has driven many of us crazy over the past year and a half. If it feels like he takes a ton of shots, he does -- last year, it was 32.4 percent of WSU's shots when he was on the floor, and this year it's all the way up to 37.5 percent. If those numbers have no meaning to you, consider that the former ranked him 35th nationally, while the latter ranks him fourth nationally -- out of more than 2,000 contributing players across 340-plus Division I teams. For even further context (especially of this year's number), consider that BYU's Jimmer Fredette took 38 percent his team's shots while on the floor last year.

Aden plays 27 minutes per game. Not a ton, but somehow he manages - ahem, allowed (why aren't you policing this kid, WSU coaching staff!) to jack just under four of every 10 shots taken by someone in a Cougar uniform.

Stop shooting! Pass the ball! Pass the ball!

Additionally, with only nine percent of his points coming from the free throw line, you don't need to watch a second of Aden playing to know he's not even thinking about drawing fouls or playing within his team's offense. Basically, Aden thinks he's a once in a decade volume scorer, when in reality hes a once in a decade whippersnappin' ball hog - the worst kind of guy to have on your team.

Enjoy the season, Wazzu fans!