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Big East basketball set to add UCF, SMU & Houston

Hold on to your seats. The Big East's "big move" in our game of conference musical chairs has finally been unveiled. CBS Sports' Brett McMurphy is reporting the addition of five schools, Central Florida, Southern Methodist, Houston, Boise State and San Diego State, will be announced by the conference at some point on Wednesday.

Of course, the one caveat here is that Boise and San Diego State will only make the move for football, leaving the basketball league with three new programs that have been to a combined four NCAA Tournaments dating back to 1996. The fact that SDSU, easily the best hoops program of the five, was excluded makes this deal even more laughable.

The obvious champion in all of this is Big East commissioner John Marinatto. His swift heist of Central Florida, Southern Methodist and Houston for his new super-mega conference, all for the small price of West Virginia, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, was absolutely a thing of beauty, and should be a feature in training videos for prospective commissioners in coming years. Yes, he's that special.

Fans of remaining Big East schools have to be left shaking their heads in disbelief. This conference has been pilfered from and decimated, and was essentially poisoned with average teams in response. And all in a few months time. You better enjoy this while you can, 'Cuse and Pitt, because that velvet-soft C-USA schedule goes out the window in 2014.