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College Basketball Vegas Odds and Picks: December 7th


So clearly I am being punished for something, because I went 1-4 last night (19-16 on the season) and the only game I won came with my beloved Long Beach State losing to my childhood obsession Kansas. There's a lesson there somewhere, but I don't know what it is.

But things are looking up! I think there are some prime lines on the docket as we're beginning to learn more about each team and I'm confident that some of the odds are easy pickings. Either the oddsmakers know a lot more than I do, or I'm about to clean up. SHOE MONEY TONIGHT!

9:00pm ESPN: No. 8 Xavier (-6) @ Butler

What's up with this line? Tu Holloway and the Musketeers and positively rolling right now, and even if they're a little overrated, this is a Butler team facing very real offensive issues and coming in only 4-4 against a so-so schedule. Two weeks ago, Butler lost at home to No. 7 Louisville by 16. And you're only going to give them 6 points to the No. 8 team? Thanks.

7:00pm ESPN: Arizona (+11.5) @ No. 12 Florida

Conversely, in the Wildcats we have a team that I believe is much better than people think. Arizona is talented and deep, if not always consistent, and they've been penalized this season because the PAC-12 is so heinous. Florida is scary offensively and they shoot a grip of threes at a very high rate (41.8%), but 'Zona has size on the perimeter and I think Solomon Hill and Nick Johnson keep it close. UPDATE: Yes, I'm keeping my pick with Wildcats freshman Josiah Turner sitting out due to suspension. Gotta keep the faith!

7:00pm: No. 15 Alabama (-5) @ Dayton

You're telling me that a team that lost to Buffalo by 35 points at home can hang within five points of JaMychal Green and Tony Mitchell? The Crimson Tide isn't great offensively, but is dominant on the boards and the Flyers most certainly are not.

7:00pm ESPN3: Georgia Tech (+5) @ Georgia Tech

It's a relief to see two evenly matched teams that genuinely don't like each other this early in the season. Both squads are 4-4 and separated by just .0029 on the site that determines 90% of my bets. Georgia has played the better schedule but they haven't looked impressive against their two ranked opponents. Even worse, their leading scorer Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (13.9ppg) shoots at volume and just 38.6%. Georgia Tech doesn't look all that impressive on paper, either, but my gut says side with 2G-Money (14.8ppg, 52.5% FG) and the Yellow Jackets.

7:00pm ESPN3: Vanderbilt (-1) @ Davidson

I mean, for trues? Vandy's three losses this year were to Cleveland State (an upset, but a good team) and back-to-back overtime games to No. 11 Xavier and No. 6 Louisville. I really like the Wildcats' high-octane attack but they fall here. Hard.

Ryan ZumMallen writes about basketball and intramural disc golf in Long Beach, CA. Follow him on Twitter at @ryanzummallen.