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Let's All Touch Each Other...MEMPHIS just won with 2.6 seconds left

What's worse than losing eight games in a row? Losing 9, 10, 11, etc. games in a row, obviously. But losing that eighth game at the (near) buzzer against an in-conference rival can be just as crippling.

That's what happened to UCF last night as the college basketball world fixated themselves on Duke-UNC. Tigers freshman Antonio Barton nailed a corner three just a few seconds remaining. His brother Will fed him the ball with time winding down.

The Knights tournament hopes have fleeted since beginning the season 14-0. They're dead last in Conference USA and have returned to irrelevancy. After the game, Marcus Jordan told the Orlando Sentinel, "we were suppose to win tonight."

Obviously, Marcus never had to learn that good things aren't just given to you, you have to earn them.